Monday, November 5, 2012

A Compendium Of Puzzles

I first saw this video on the amazon website listing for the book 'I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan' where it has since been taken off (or I just can't find it!

Alan makes a point that his book is 'A compendium of puzzles' and that "just when you think you've solved the puzzle, there is another" "Its as almost there are too many".

He then states "I don't see it so much as a book. More as a campaign and an assault on the nay-sayers and people say, who are they? 

"I'll tell you who the nay-sayers are, they look quite ordinary, they walk among you, they can seem benign, broadly positive even then you ask them a few innocent questions and ooh suddenly all their skin falls off"

Steve Coogan calls Jonathon Ross a CU*T

Here is another interview with Jonathon Ross this time Steve is just himself. Lots of sniping at each other in this one but in particular coogan manages to sneakly call Jonathon Ross a cu*t

Coogan and Ross have a good chat about one of Coogans other characters - Paul Calf...

Part One 

Part Two

Coogan: "i'd have to drop sooo many people in it"

Here is a clip of Coogan on the Graham Norton show. He says he was asked to do a 'Steve Coogan' Autobiography but he explains that "i'd have to drop sooo many people in it"

Your Opinion: AP & Jonathon Ross Interview

Find these interviews fascinating, so much cloaked sniping and interesting body language. But I'm asking you guys what you think?

Please comment below...

Places of my life: Market Recap

Just wanted to add something I just noticed not in the original post:

Quote: "When I had a go at what he had been doing for the last 25 years it was one of the easiest things I had ever done in my life"

After three enjoyable and productive years at ITV, and after 25 years of doing my talk show I have decided that this forthcoming series will be my last. I'm going to take next year off to write my autobiography and consider other television projects. My thanks go out to all those who have worked on the shows down the years and the viewers for their loyal support and occasional kind words.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jimmy Savile, Jersey, BBC and suspects. (Part 1)

Great blog here with lots of interesting posts:

BBC Suicide: Russel Joslin

I've been expecting to see some suicides due to the investigations into pedophilia. So I was surprised I didn't read about this BBC journalists' suicide - Russel Joslin -  only one month ago, being reported. It involves sexual harassment and also note he is the son of a Police Chief

Killed himself with a plastic bag apparently???!!!? :S

Alan Partridge Clip Talk: Welcome to the places of my life
Reference Markers: 11:30 until  17:00 (min:sec)

In this clip I believe Norwich actually means London and the covered market representing the BBC. I'm quite sure of this as he explains that Hitler would of made his speech from Norwich City Hall had he succeeded in invading of course.

I find it interesting when Alan is looking from the city balcony and imagines Hitler barking his speech from their while he looks at the general public a little frustrated that they have no idea whats going on and who is really running the government. Perhaps also the fact that people are turning a blind eye to the obvious  evil that exists in plain sight.

Norwich Market Quote's

Quote 1: 
"As a tight nit bunch stall holders know anyone stupid enough to steal from them will be cornered by fellow traders even before they reach the market perimeter and given an absolute pasting"

Is there an atmosphere in parts of the BBC of physical threats if the powers at be are ever crossed. Isn't too far fetched when there's  reports of Jimmy Savile threatening people with his IRA contacts

The next scene is quite interesting and I would guess refers to the initial bullying from certain members of the BBC in his early years. He is ridiculed at first but then goes on to nail it selling loads of fruit or translated making a successful series such as AP and his other work of course after being turned down by 5 drama schools in London. Pay close attention to the name of the stall trader he trades places with. The scene then takes a turn for the dark with the trader portrayed as some sort of creepy fruit and veg vendor what do you think ?

PS. The market traders advice sounds awfully similar to the kind of advice you'd expect if hosting a chat show.

Quote 2:
"there was also something about mike on which I couldn't put my finger on"
"without the market stall to occupy him one shudders to think what sinister activities mike could of been drawn too"

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sexual Reference: Open Books

This is the first of many posts of sexual references in AP and asking whether it means anything?
 Although I link this in my Introduction post I wanted to give it its own post.

In Alan Partridge On Open Books: Clip

 Interesting Quotes:

"Well I was touched, deeply by an English teacher at school... And I find that very exciting"

"And the best of our output to the cream of our discharge... and people really sat up and took notice after that"

IRA links to Jimmy Savile

In AP the IRA features in one or two scenes. AP has a persistent distaste of the Irish it seems mocking them in S01E05. Now it appears JS had links to the IRA

Some claim the sex ring and trafficking goes through italy, uk and Ireland with the C church being involved.

What do you think ?

An Introduction

It's hard to know where to start. I have never written a blog so don't expect quality blogging in grammatical terms however what I have been thinking about for the last 6 months is just too much for me to not share and discuss with others.

 I'll begin explaining what appears to be a plethora of hidden messages in Steve Coogans work Alan Partridge. These hidden messages are not of a pleasant nature and are linked to recent events surrounding Jimmy Saville (JS) and sexual abuse at the BBC. This post will outline the background of this theory and subsequent new posts will try to analyze different scenes with hopefully help and contributions from other readers. If these subjects upset you or you don't want to see your favorite north Norfolk radio presenter character in new context then leave the site you won't be laughing your head off to AP once watched under a new pre-text

The writer of this blog has been an avid fan of Alan Partridge (AP) for over 10 years but 6 months ago while watching and discussing 'The Trip' with a friend it suddenly dawned on us that there was much more to AP & Coogan. I always new Coogan was disgruntled with certain people at the BBC and I always suspected AP was used to get his own back on certain people through his genius writing and acting. However after re watching several episodes I noticed the sexual remarks and scenes that hadn't made much sense before but now clicked together like a jigsaw.

So that idea evolved as the dots were being connected and memories of different episodes flooding back. But with new meaning and greater context it became clear (to me at least) that this was an elaborate camouflaged  weave of whistle blowing, showbiz bullies, the corrupt and now recently uncovered pedophiles. My friends couldn't believe it when they heard the news of JS with politely skeptical friends now intrigued by what I was saying 6-7 months ago.

 I suspect Coogan knows a lot of damaging things about the BBC and other British Institutions that would be impossible to prove in a court of law or be printable in paper or online. So I think he has used the safe vehicle of his comedy to deliver some uncomfortable truths; and also cloaked allegations in a fictional and auto-biographical way that is safe from litigation and slander. I think we are seeing the beginning of a well organized attack on sex rings that operate at the highest levels of our institutions including our media and government

His newer, less subtle, work is getting more and more blatant in its attempts at trying to wake his fans up to what AP is really about. His latest episodes on Sky 'Open Books' and Alan Partridge On Open Books is an example of this. In-fact it is these two episodes that I suggest people watch which should help in understanding all this. I'm hoping others will pick up on this and will be able to see other messages I miss and also scrutinize my findings and theories. I will post youtube clips of AP, images/screenshots and also post and links to news that could relate to this subject.